Kind of introduction

The hardest part – to start

WikiLeaks thinks media is biased and manipulative.

For the last three years I have been running a blog –Vanadian Avenue– alongside Rita, my sister and partner in any sort of artistic crime. Big portion of that blog consists of my photography. However in the last couple of weeks I have been feeling that I needed some sort of a side project to accommodate photos or topics that may not be suitable for Vanadian Avenue (

Hence Being Invisible was born. This is my personal attempt at a photography blog. This is also a testing ground, because I would want to move into something that has been a long passion of mine: photojournalism. So in short I am going to chronicle my attempts to become more advanced…with all results on record.

I come from a background of cultural journalism. During my college years I have been working for several magazines writing mostly on film, comics, video games and general pop culture. I went all the way from a free lancer to editorial staff member, learning on the job, no courses, no studies, no backing.

One thing that writing taught me is to be objective, to look for all sides to the story and to always follow the journalistic six: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Writing comes much easier to me than photography, where one has to visually present what is happening. But ultimately this is the direction that I want to take – to tell stories with the use of a lense, and not a pen.

True stories. Real. Happening. Life.

The illustration at the beginning of this post was recently shared on Facebook by Wikileaks. It came with a message: Why trust Media coverage?

This is not something I agree with. And hopefully, it`s something that will never define me and my photography.



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