Mother and child

Sliema strand, June 27 2012

It was actually a sunny evening and the strand was busy with people. However for few seconds she was alone. At first she was looking at the sea and then her son came and hugged her. They froze in this embrace for a brief moment, looking both intimate and lonely. I shot a couple of identical pictures before people moved into the frame. I realize its a bit flat but it went extremely quickly, had to shot from the other side of the street with a 50 mm lense. There was no time to get my other lense, otherwise I`d lose the moment. I still prefer a flat image but to capture something that existed for less than 30 seconds than to have no image at all.

Originall is all shades of blue, but I believe monochrome works much better.

It is late, I am going to sleep listening to James Nachtwey`s voice.



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