Instant assignment #1

I have said before that I want this blog to be a record how I am developing as a photographer. It’s not always only the good shots. And today I really feel down in the dumps.

My best shot.

There is this idea of an “instant assignment”. You have one word topic, exactly an hour of time and you are supposed to come with five different shots. It tests your creativity, your quick thinking and the ability to get the shot no matter what in a very limited period of time. Sometimes in the newsroom, you cannot think and you have to deliver. This is an exercise specifically meant for journalism students, so it’s not for everybody, but then I am not interested in any other type of photography, period.

Building reflecting in a glass panel of shopping mall

I do my “instant assignments” on a lunch break. Today’s word was “reflections”, so I went looking for what is reflecting in windows, shops, sunglasses. I was really hyped about it because I thought I had it made. But now I feel like somebody who just completely screwed it up.

I did my photos in monochrome, with all options manual (that is manual “channel” on the Canon camera, manual focus (MF) and manual selection of AF point.

Shop display

And this is where two issues start. I have astigmatism and wear glasses but despite glasses that should correct my vision for distant objects, I am still not able to get the object in the focus. I see the object I am photographing in the view finder and it is looking sharp, but when the photo is taken it is not sharp at all. To be very honest it drives me crazy because you have to use auto focus on the lense (which takes away a lot of control from you) or shot on instinct and take several shots of the same object and hope it was done right. I want to be sure that what if I see in the viewfinder that my subject is in the focus, the photo will really sharp in the place where I want it to be. I have no idea how to address this issue now. Getting stronger glasses? I am using something wrongly?


Another thing is the AF point. I have a Canon 450D and it is quite hard to change from one point selection to another. I have seen a friend use a Nikon and he could move the point on his camera on instinct. Why I have to stand still and press tons of buttons. How can you use this option when your object is moving quickly, lets say you shoot a street demonstration? I usually keep this option on automatic but I don’t want to. I need to check if there is a way to use this option as swiftly on Canon as it is on Nikon or if there is a type of a Canon camera that allows a better control over it.

World reflecting in the sunglasses

I am not sure if this entry makes sense at all. I am just trying to analyze today’s assignment and somehow learn from it, because truth is I feel like I have completely failed to deliver. I hate getting photos of a bad quality/out of focus. It literary destroys my day.

All photos are slightly edited (bit of layers and exposure, small amount of contrast) and resized 50%.

But then you can judge for yourself. The photos are attached above.



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