Notte Bianca

Some shots I took at Notte Bianca last night.

Not the best ones I suppose, but the best ones from the batch I have taken, each of them taken at full manual, with the intent to move as far as possible from the shots others would take. I wanted to capture the small elements of  the night, those millions of spare details that make up a public event. Not the public event itself if you know what I mean. There is a dis a difference between taking a photograph of a dress and the photograph of the fabric that the dress is made of. And last night I wanted to see the fabric and not the whole dress.

On th other hand lenses need cleaning, the body needs some cleaning too, and I definately need wider lenses and perhaps a new bodythat takes more than 3 shots per second…

Upgrade time.

Anyway off to the shots below:

Republic Street and ballons

Wax made sculpture

Grass-hopper and a bee on a decorative egg


Playing at the fountain

Flamenco Dancer



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